Local Faroe Island dishes

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Menu and appetisers

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon appetiser

Indulge in our smoked salmon pack, available to take home upon request.

Creamy soup

Soup of the day with homemade bread

Our renowned creamy chicken or fish soup is fresh and delicious, surprising many with its delightful taste.

Smoked salmon with salad

Dry cured salmon

Enjoy our cured salmon with cucumber, tomatoes, and dill salad, served with a mustard dressing.

Salmon with vegetables and pasta

Authentic Greek salad with pan-grilled salmon

A classic combination of hot fresh fish and cold salad. We sear the salmon fillet to make it crispy and browned, served on pasta with a salad of tomatoes, cucumber, crispy lettuce, fresh oregano, and Mediterranean feta, with a choice of our Greek olive dressing.

Smoked salmon and salad

Our family's very own, smoked salmon

Our famed Faroe salmon is dried for ten hours. This unique dish uses a celebrated recipe with precision timing to oven smoke the rough salted fish under beech tree wood. Served with a simple salad and your choice of Italian organic balsamic dressing.

A dish with potatoes, meat, broccoli and gravy

Fish for today

Created today for today, perhaps never to be repeated. Long line caught cod, possibly in view of our window by small Faroe fishing boats in the Atlantic's clear waters. Today's dish is created by Rose using 250g of fresh local fish, usually served with her favourite lemon juice and dill herb sauce, accompanied by our daily choice of vegetables and potatoes. Flavours and uncomplicated delight play a part.

Steak with broccoli

Grass-fed sirloin steak and herbed oven roasted new potatoes

A 210g grass-fed, pan-seared and butter-basted Prime Select Sirloin. Served with skin-on new potatoes flavoured with olive oil and oregano, accompanied by seared bell peppers, Rose’s signature Zinfandel red wine sauce, and Bimi stem broccoli.


Our iconic hamburger

We're strict on using only the finest grass-fed 100% steak with no nonsense added. We mince then handcraft into patties and sear them with a scattering of Rose’s secret seasoning. This is captured in a buttery brioche bun, with crispy heart lettuce, cheddar, ripe beef tomato, and of course a few hot crispy chips. Don't forget our pickled red onions and some TLC. We sold 4678 of these in 2022.

Fish and chips

Simply "fish and chips"

Our Haddock is locally sourced; notice the tiny harbour out of our window. This sustainable fish is lightly breaded, and our fresh, quality, skinless haddock is served with skin-on piping hot chips and rustic capers.